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About Us

About Penmorfa Playmates Prestatyn

Who can use Playmates?

We offer full day child care in Prestatyn and are registered for 30 children, male and female ages 2 years to 4 years. Whilst we do offer sessions 9am – 3pm we only have a limited resting area and therefore want to ensure we can meet your child’s needs.

We offer childcare in Prestatyn for all children and work with the relevant authorities to ensure that all children’s needs are met.

Where are we?

Penmorfa Playmates Playgroup is situated in the grounds of Ysgol Penmorfa Prestatyn and has three children’s toilets, a separate staff facility, a kitchen, an outdoor play space, storage, and cloakroom/office.

What will my child learn?

During the year all our children have access to a range of facilities including all our areas of play: construction, small world, home corner, creative, graphic, malleable and tactile, sand, water play and quiet area.

Children learn through playing in these areas. We do not have any pets in playgroup at present.

We work towards 7 areas of learning:-

1. Personal and Social Development
2. Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
3. Mathematical Development
4. Knowledge and Understanding of the World
5. Creative Development
6. Physical Development
7. Welsh Language

Outdoor Play

We have access to an outside play area and Ysgol Penmorfa’s forest school which we use throughout the day regardless of the weather. We ask that your child comes dressed appropriately in their play clothes. Our outside area gets very muddy in the winter and although we encourage all children to wear wellies and coats, they still get dirty! You are welcome to bring their own wellies in.

Free Play and Adult led play

Activities offered are from a wide range that are planned to suit children’s age, stage and individual needs and meet our aims and objectives and reflect Welsh Government current strategy

We provide a mixture of adult-led and child-led experiences that are planned termly, weekly and daily in advance.


We have a daily physical exercise slot, where children are encouraged to participate in 10 minutes of physical activity. There are also plenty of opportunities throughout the day for children to develop their gross and fine manipulative motor skills

How we let you know

We ask that you pick up a termly curriculum sheet from our Foyer. This outlines the learning outcomes for the term. In addition to, we produce a weekly ‘Ask me what I have done sheet’. This is a list of 3 or 4 activities that your child may have participated in. These will all be available on our Facebook page.

Language Lesson

Language lesson

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Meals Provided

Meals are provided

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Fun Fun Fun

We make it fun to learn

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Professional Staff

Highly trained profession staff

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Smart Education

Carefully selected lessons

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Toys & Games

Learn through play

How To Enroll Your Child ?

We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss any questions you may have :)